Angel said:
Waiting for the next album. Can't get enough of untold stories. //// Angel


S said:
Very awesome music bro, keep rockin'!


Elaine said:
You speak spanish? I like your melody<3. 5ting!


Olivia said:
Great to know that there're still classic lovers nowadays. keep the good work up! :)


Tina Rayner said:
I understand that you're a musician from Sweden and I was wondering are you also a photographer or simply just into photography? Tina ☺


Andrea Warming said:
This doesn't pertain to your music at all, but for the first time in my 25 years of age, I've found someone with my same last name that isn't within my immediate family. Just weird and wanted to share it with you! And yes, of course I'll listen to your music :)


Sukey McDonough said:
What an inspiration you are, Michael! Truly you have touched so many through your music and photography. :)


Lisbeth Boström said:
Nyss hittat dig! Underbart pianospel! Ren njutning! Tack!


Celeste said:
After listening to your songs, I am doubly flattered that you read a piece of my writing. I doubt if you even remember it, but I am honored to know you enjoyed it. You have such a unique style, a voice without comparison, with character and feeling and truth. You are an artist, through and through, and your music has made a footprint in the world. I applaud your talent and evident hard work.


Emma Pitt said:
Hi. It is nice to meet you, and I am impressed with both your music and photography.


Amila said:
Din Tug of War är för bra! riktigt vacker och skön att lyssna på :)


Rochelle.V.H said:
I am so happy you followed me on tumblr, I swear I am like so blown away right now


Anne said:
Thank you for coming into my world! You added to my life...


Pokéjesus said:
Continue the gr8 work


Mark Amend said:
hej du ~mig


Andee said:
I love your work. <3 Thanks for following dear.


unnamedking said:
Just stopping by to say thanks for the follow in tumblr.. then I played a song. I'll be staying for a while :) I love the 3 Tug of War pieces!


Denisa Smělá said:
I just listened your music and it's amazing. You've got really smooth voice :) Carry on!


Natalia Burgos said:
I was talking about how I wanted to move to sweden and then you show up, your music is great. good looking out


Amy Kleiman said:
Amazing talent. You were meant to make music. Keep singing/writing/playing. I'll be listening. Be well..

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