Mackenzie Alyssa said:
You liked my picture on tumblr, it makes me feel special. Your music is amazing! You're extremely talented, I'm glad I found you. (: x


Monika Goehrke said:
You're a good musician. Beautiful music you're making


poisonblackheart said:
its always nice to find music thats so different to my usual audio circus, that sticks with me. underbar! p.s we both adore corey taylor, we can be friends lol.


gira sole said:
Young and talented, i like your music


MoatDib said:
Good music!


Megan Adrienne said:
You may know me as MegzEve007 on Instagram, but you call me "Precious". Well, I've finally checked out your music and I'm completely moved by it. It tells me that there's way more to you than what the world sees on IG, and from what I got from your songs paints a picture of a man who constantly muses and dreams. You seem to be on my wavelength and like someone I'd enjoy chatting with and getting to know. And no, I'm not saying this as "fangirl" to "rockstar", but as "musician" to "musician". Hit me up, sometime. For real. And by all means, continue to pursue your passion. <3


Michael Warming said:
So much love up in here. Thank you all <3


Richie m said:
Ok... U are my new favorite person, so talented and attractive, I love your piano comps. Please come to Portland OR


Don Ransom said:
You favorited my tweet about being in front of my piano all day....hope to be good as you one day man! Good stuff! Much love from the USA!


Tomy Gunn said:
Heya Michael. I can & listened to your Bury Me (1st tune) and although long, it is very good and you have a great voice & strong performance delivery. Wishing you much success. Tomy Gunn artist, writer-producer


Mira Febriani said:
Michael, you have such beautiful talent and so inspiring. Thank u, because u make me found my real passion in classical music :D Keep up the good work!!!


Chloe Lambert said:
I like your passion and style. From one artist to another, there's a lot of other musicians today that lack passion and originality. Luckily you have both. Don't ever stop!<3


Fernanda said:
Michael, you're so talented. Never give up on music, you deserve the best. xx


Sofia said:
Michael, fantastiska piano stycken! Kommer att njuta av din musik många gånger framöver. ♥


Ira said:
Hi Michael, I found you on twitter, so I checked you out and I'm glad I did. Love your music, you're talented. Keep it up and thanks!


Dmitri - wedding photographer said:
Very nice..! Would like to see more videos. Good job Michael!


Michael Warming said:
In response to Tess (#36), Mack (#37), Adrianne (#38): Thank you all for your kind words <3


Adrianne Epley said:
Hello! I found you on instagram,i checked out your link, and here I am...........Your music is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I send you best wishes and much encouragement!! Keep up the fantastic work!!


Mack said:
You liked a photo of mine on Instagram and I saw your website link. Love your stuff bro. Awesome to see other classical musicians crossing over. Love it!!


Tess said:
I fallowed you on twitter so i had to look he you were, and man your really good love your songs :)

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