Michael Warming said:
In response Sombat (#14): Thank you! :)


Som bat said:
Like your music mr Sombat from TH


iX said:


Michael Warming said:
In response Mita (#11): Thanks for bringing this problem to my attention. I've located the error and done the necessary adjustments. It should be working smoothly again now!


Mita said:
Jag kan inte öppna din musik.


Mita said:
This new song medication is the best so far. Very well done Michael.


Michael Warming said:
In response Sohleng (#8): Hi! Thank you very much dear. I'm currently working on my demo album. It will be released in the near future and I'll make sure to contact you as soon as it's available! Have a wonderful weekend Sohleng // Michael Warming


Sohleng Wakeman said:
Hey Michael , I just love your singing , is there any way I could buy a CD of yours ? Regards Sohleng


Mita said:
Hoppas du blir av med influensan snart så vi kan få se lite ny musik här. Kram


Peter said:
Absolutely wonderful music and the lyrics are outstanding. Liked the mixing and recording and your voice is perfect to the music. You have created a very special music with your own sound. LOVE IT.


Sohleng Wakeman said:
Hey Michael ,You are really , really good at what you are ding . Keep on it Buddy !!


Ruddan_71 said:
WOW Micke...skön musik o texterna är djupa...fin hemsida oxå! Lycka till / storsyster.


Mita said:
As i said on your blogg. Its a very nice site. Easy to navigate, and great layout. Looking forward to hear more of your music. Hug Your mother in law PS. I'll add you as a favouriteblogger on my bloggpage.


Philip said:
wow fantastic site. I really love your music!


Michael Warming said:
A big thanks to both William & Jari for setting up this guestbook. Cheers!

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