Upcoming release (not yet titled)

Live Live Live [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Amazing [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Thunder [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Untitled [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
You... [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Empty shell of a man pt.2 [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Untitled [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]

Piano compositions #1

Tug of War - I [Info] [Lyrics] [Score] [Listen]
Tug of War - II [Info] [Lyrics] [Score] [Listen]
Tug of War - III [Info] [Lyrics] [Score] [Listen]
Madhouse - I [Info] [Lyrics] [Score] [Listen]
Madhouse - II [Info] [Lyrics] [Score] [Listen]
Bridge [Info] [Lyrics] [Score] [Listen]
Untitled - I [Info] [Lyrics] [Score] [Listen]
Untitled - II [Info] [Lyrics] [Score] [Listen]
Untitled - III [Info] [Lyrics] [Score] [Listen]

"The Untold Stories"

I bury it all [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Medication [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Alone [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Oh Mama [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Winternight [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Empty shell of a man pt.1 [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Spin [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]


Nota de Aqua [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Replokalshora [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]
Departure [Info] [Lyrics] [Chords] [Listen]

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