Philosophy / Ideology

Kindness; as beautiful and warming as the sun itself. Be grand - do something great; illuminate.
Words are the most powerful thing we have created; use them responsibly - or don't use them at all.
Question and challenge your perception; look at things from a different perspective - and you will discover a whole new world. Not only around you; but within you.
World change starts with the individual.
One of life's greatest gifts is that you have absolute control over who you want to be.
If we truly free ourselves from our brought down and/or indoctrinated prejudices we will have a more loving and peaceful existence. Prejudices and preconceptions clouds our judgment; distorts our view of reality - and the world isn't pretty from that angle. It isn't until we are truly objective that we can see clear - and it isn't until we see clear that we can make a difference.
You can't always control what the world throws at you. But you can always control how you catch it.
Base your knowlegde on reality rather than assumptions. But if you must assume; assume the most positive and humble thing you can imagine.
Beauty is all around us. All we have to do is open our eyes to it.
Sometimes we have to walk through the darkness to get to the light.
Do no harm. Do no evil. Be good. Be kind. To others and to yourself.
Let's walk the path of inclusion rather than follow the trail of exclusion.
Never underestimate your potential. Explore and challenge yourself; you will be amazed by the power of you.
This world is only dark and gray if we choose to perceive it as such.
Hate is for the simple-minded. Choose love, always.
Self-confidence may sprout from external validation. But it blooms from internal realization.
Admitting when we're wrong is one of the most respectable things we can do.
To be amazing is to be responsible; responsible to oneself by not letting the haters rain on your fantastic parade. Nothing or no one can bring you down once you're truly proud of who you are and confident in your own beliefs.
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." - Newton knew his karma.
Long-term hate, anger and mistrust has no place in a calm and balanced mind.
Many of our questions are best aimed at ourselves.
The concept of revenge does not belong in a balanced mind. Strive to live well for yourself; not for the sake of "revenge" on others.
Celebrate your individuality.
Homophobia and xenophobia are attitudes of a scared mind; afraid not to fit in. Don't hate them - educate them!
There's no such thing as failure; only lessons in how to succeed the next time.
Never underestimate your potential. Explore and challenge yourself; you will be amazed by the power of you.
To be strong is not to never fall. To be strong is to let yourself fall; knowing you'll rise again, even stronger.
Happiness isn't something we get; it's something we create.
No one's ever gotten smart from not asking any questions. And no one's ever gotten dumb from asking too many.
Understanding is key - and that includes to understand that you don't always understand.
Behind this thing we so casually call "talent" are countless hours of struggling, many sacrifices and an internal war between can and will.
Be nice to strangers - you never know when you need a stranger to be nice to you.
Our freedom lies not in what we do - but in what we can do.
Poetry in English

Vulture, oh vulture - how come you're flying so high?
Come closer, come closer - we're all gonna die.
Beyond that hill, a horizon lie - of things that live and never die. Climb that hill and you will see - how much greater one can be. Beyond that hill, a mountain stand - don't let it turn your dreams to sand. Climb that mountain; face your fear - and a new horizon will appear.
I wanna tumble in your field of secrets; set the seeds free from your dandelions of shame. Let me breathe you in... unrefined, raw and true.
Lay your head upon my chest - put your weary mind at rest. Whisper close into my ear - tell me all those things you fear.
Join me in my quiet castle; where I tamper with perfection and stack your feather-light whispers between the bricks that make our walls.
What if tomorrow, everything would be alright. What if tomorrow, I didn't have to fight. What if I wake up, caressed by light.
In darkness we wait - we wait for all things bright; for life and light. We stand so anxious upon this ground; trembling - there is no light to be found. But rest assured, this is fate; all things will illuminate. And when that ray of light appear; there's no trace of this thing we call fear.
She was dancing, with her silhouette. She was something, I'd never forget. She was naked, she was pure - she was the one; who held my cure.
They keep staring at the sun; looking for darkness.
Not even the sun burns forever. But transformation is eternal; ever changing. We are here; we are now - we are changing; we are burning.
I cried a river. Then I built a bridge and walked all over that shit like a fucking king.
Don't wake me up - let me linger on this steamboat.
Among dust, gowns and top hats.
Don't wake me up - I wanna smell the gunpowder and rye.
This field; my shield.
Last bloom; our doom.
Next reap, let me sleep.
When pain is all and all is pain
Nothing gives, I'm rendering sane.
When black is all and all is black
I'm building quite the trouble stack.
These days, so vivid and true.
These mornings, crystal clear - like the early dew.
These nights, without a shade of my custom blue.
These moments... belong to me and you.
Poetry in Swedish

Vid en brygga över vissen åker, där sjö en gång frodats, bor nu allt stilla. Tyst är vad vi ser och naket är vad vi hör - när dimman driver in under våra fötter.

Tidens blästring har gjort vår brygga skör, ur sprickor har livet klättrat ut. Nära är vad vi känner och lust är vad vi är - när bryggan knarrar under våra fötter.

Så lägg oss ner, där blomster en gång var, bland skuggor från ett nu förflutet. Där allting är vad vi känner och ingenting är vad vi är - när livet börjar igen, under våra fötter.
Blunda och låt mörkret dig omsluta.
En fraktal av en sekund - sårbar för en stund.
Återhållsamt sluter jag mina ögon och bekantar mig med smärtan.
Jag sår ett sår och odlar ett ärr.

Än en gång står jag här och sår. Planterar min smärta i marken - i långa rader och kolumner som jag har grävt själv. Jag sår i hopp om att det inte skall växa, inte nå ytan, bara ligga där och vara ytterligare ett sår jag sått. Men jorden jag sår i är full av liv och energi och för varje sår jag sår får jag ett ärr.

Kom och titta på min åker, den blommar året runt...
En evighet av stränder
Mellan mina tänder
Försöker framåt, en dag i sänder.

Bädda mig i komfort
Förvandlas till annan sort
Mina sinnen, längtar bort.

Rostig som rälsspik
I smärta är jag rik
Producerar lidelse, som en jävla fabrik.
Du smakar likt dåligt samvete, av alla lik du obeaktat har släpat dina bekräftelsetunga fötter över.

Du luktar likt lögner, av alla självfabrikerade sanningar du har tvättat ditt mindervärdeskomplex med.

Bara ogräs gror i ditt egogödsel.
Där borta kan jag skåda begynnelsen av en horisont, så orörd.
Där borta en frihet nalkas.
Tvåtusen steg förevigt med en ryggsäck så tung av allt jag har passerat.
Matt i blicken, trött i själen; ärrad livslust - ett nytt steg, förevigt.
Där borta... så onåbart.
Dom skräddarsyr sin ytlighet, vi klär av oss vårt arv.
Dom gödslar sin trångsynthet, vi odlar vår nyfikenhet.
Mot sanningen vi skall se - vem du i slutändan vill stå brevé;
ditt lögnets foster eller din främlings paradis.