Custom order in 3 easy steps!

1. Your idea
- Request your comission via email (below) -
Put words to your vision or idea. Don't worry if it's not perfectly vivid and clear - I'm pretty confident in my creative abilities and will make sure to find the sweet spot of whatever blanks may be in your desire.

2. The deal
- Purchase your item -
When I get your request I will do some estimations and reply with a quota. If you accept, we will sort any other details out (like shipping etc.) and I will send you an invoice. When the invoice is paid, your project gets added to my queue. When I start with it, you will recieve an update - and you will be able to watch as your project is being created via my socialmedia.

3. Recieve
- Get your item and see how it was made -
Your handmade work of art will be delivered with a timelapse video of me making it. To speed up the waiting time I will send you your bundle before I make the final video edit with added commentary (it takes a lot of time to make videos). The final version of the timelapse will get uploaded on my YouTube - you will of course get an email to notify you once it's there :)

Here are some ideas for you to get inspired by!
• Jewelry box
• Luxury pet furniture
• Personalized leather wrist bands
• Anything interior decorative
• Smartphone/watch charging station
• Handpainted dinnerware collection
• Wallmounted hangout pads for your cat
• Modern multi-leveled succulent pot
• Necklace pendant

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